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We supply High Schools across the Wirral and surrounding areas with the highest level of Karate education and training, to meet the needs of pupils and meet the criteria for GCSE & A/AS Level Karate.

We have been teaching Karate in school’s for over 20 years now and have successfully trained all of the children to achieve a very high pass mark in their studies.

Adding Karate to GCSE Physical Education, can help your school and pupil’s to improve the overall marks they receive in their GCSE. Our instructors are able to help student’s achieve maximum marks in Karate helping to improve their end result.

Helping schools and pupil’s improve their results and improve the prospects of their lives is a passion of ours. We know that through Karate children are able to not only achieve a massive improvement in their grades but also, it helps them in their life in the following areas;

1. Self Esteem and Confidence

2. Focus and Self Discipline

3. Physical and Mental Strength

4. Emotional Stress and Health

5. Honesty, Self awareness and Respect

6. Self defence

The accumulated teachings and benefits from Karate can help pupils in all areas of their lives. We see a remarkable improvement in them as they grow from week to week into very confident young adults and valuable members of society, empowering children to achieve everything they dream of becoming.










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